Kristi Newman was the agent who helped us sell our home and purchase our dream house! We knew before moving which neighborhood we wanted because of its proximity to the highway and to an excellent school. The neighborhood is on the North Chander/South Tempe border, and when homes go up for sale, there is often a bidding war because of the convenient location. This occurred with our house, and Kristi negotiated skillfully and professionally with the selling agent. She was able to ensure that we got the house while still remaining in our desired price range. Her ability to communicate with the other parties was really quite impressive, and it became clear that she had a lot of experience negotiating transactions. Two years after moving into our new house, we are still grateful to her for guiding us through the process. We strongly recommend Kristi to help you with any of your real estate needs!

  James and Anna Loewen

Kristi is such an awesome realtor that we are in the process of looking out for our second home with Kristi as our realtor. She has such an amiable and enthusiastic nature, that house hunting has always been a fun part for us. She gives so much importance to clients' concerns and preferences, that Kristi has never pressurized us to make any haste decisions. Kristi always gave frank opinions and made sure that we buy something that fits within our budget and has most of the features that we were looking for. We highly recommend Kristi as a realtor (and now our friend) for anyone who is looking out for getting their dream home with lots of fun during their house hunting process. And by the way, we believe that Kristi's awesome work always attracts nice & sweet clients like us. :-)

  Mr & Mrs Shenoy

Kristi is totally awesome! She helped us find a house and get a contract in THREE DAYS. Her help made moving across the country way less painful. And she let us borrow a little fridge until we got one installed - a real life-saver since we had an infant! If we ever buy again, she is the only realtor we’ll use, and we would recommend her to anyone we liked.

  Cort and Jen H.

Relocating 2300 miles is stressful enough but then attempting to find a home in a competitive market was additionally stressful. However, we found Kristi. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable concerning the housing market, but she actually listens to the customer!!! Imagine that!!!! Understood what we were looking for and kept to the budget!!!! We established a great level of communication without even speaking many times. Walked into a stinker house and all we had to do was look at each other and away we went and on to the next. No waste of time. I would highly recommend Kristi and know that she will do an outstanding job for you.

Jack Gustin

My husband and I moved to the Phoenix area in 2011 and started working with Kristi after a glowing recommendation from a friend. We found her to be dedicated, smart, funny, helpful and not afraid to speak up for the best interests of her clients. She was open and honest and is a great mix of friend and realtor. Would we pass on the glowing recommendation to prospective clients? ABSOLUTELY!! !!!

Jan Gustin

I have been purchasing homes both for personal and investments for over 25 years. It is rare to be able to find somebody who is willing to go the extra mile to help you get what you want. Kristi was willing to work with us in our last personal home purchase to find exactly what we wanted. She worked with the seller's realtor to negotiate for us and helped us get several concessions on the home. After closing, she didn't just go away but helped us with utility transfers, resolution of issues in the house, etc. It was truly a delightful experience.

I have purchased several investment properties since I moved to AZ and I have never worked with a more competent, diligent realtor in my career. I provided Kristi with my criteria and she identified and filtered the properties according to that criteria. She then walked through the homes prior to me seeing them to make sure they were something I would be interested in. She helped negotiate pricing, provided comps, and assisted me throughout the closing process. She also helped find renters for me in a couple of the properties. I could go on, but suffice it to say that she has been the most effective, competent, and helpful real estate professional I have ever worked with or worked around.

Rick Harding

I can honestly say that Kristi will treat you like family. She also listens, really listens. I told her in detail what I wanted in a house. She found me three houses, all on the surface very different. I loved all three and had a hard time choosing just one. They each had what I felt made a house a home. Thank you with all my heart.

  Denise Wallentinson

I've worked with Kristi 3 times in the last 10 years and she is such a pleasure to do business with! I would recommend her to anyone. She has a lot of experience and an infectious positive attitude.

  Josiane Childers

Kristi helped me purchase my first home. I was ready for the hassle and the stress of the situation, but I experienced none of that with Kristi. She always had my best interest at heart, she never pressured me to make an offer I was not comfortable with nor did she rush me into any decision. In addition, she knows her business. She knows how to get the best deal, when to push for something and when to hold back. There is a lot of nuance in this industry and she has mastered that. Just when I thought my deal was dead, she revived it out of nowhere. In short, she's awesome.

  Emily Estfan

Our home buying experience with Kristi was so refreshing. Kristi listened to what we were looking for and what was important to us. She only showed us houses in our price range, and there was no pressure. When we found the right house, she walked us through the whole process and answered all of our questions. We are so glad we had a realtor that cared about us!
Thanks Kristi!

  Joel and Jasmyn Anderson

Kristi is a great realtor. She is patient and will make every effort to find the house you are looking for. I had some inconveniences that I don't think other realtors would have worked with. When I am ready for my next house I will definitely work with Kristi again.

  John Charlie

When my husband and I began the process to buy our first home, we knew we would need a realtor who we could trust. We found that trust in Kristi Newman. She educated us through every step of the process. We felt informed and very involved in making decisions regarding our home’s purchase. Kristi did not just help us buy a house; she helped us to find a home. Kristi's availability was remarkable. She made sure that we felt like a priority and she did not waste our time. We love our new home and while we don't have any immediate plans of selling it, we know that if ever the time came, we have a wonderful realtor and a good friend to call.

  Umesh and Holly Jayamohan

The road to home ownership was not an easy one for us. Kristi stood by our side through every obstacle we faced. She worked with us nearly a year before our dream became a reality, never tiring. She truly wanted our family to have a home to call our own. Kristi is a very strong negotiator and she does not take no for an answer. Her professionalism and expertise were just what we needed. Thank you Kristi!

  David and Elizabeth Earl

After spending 3 months with another realtor looking for a home (with no luck), a co-worker referred me to Kristi. She listened to what I was looking for - on our first day out, we found my dream home. It was a wonderful, hassle free experience.
Kristi, you are AWESOME!!! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who's looking for a great realtor.

  Tracy Kyle

My wife and I were in Arizona on a house hunting trip since we were relocating to the area. We only had three days to find a house and chose Kristi to help us. We looked at over 60 houses in three days until we found the perfect house for our family. Despite our frantic pace, Kristi never got frustrated with us, always had a great attitude, and stuck with us all the way to the end. Even when the sellers started to act a little sketchy, Kristi worked as an advocate on our behalf, helped us work out the issue, and we are now happily in our beautiful Arizona home! Thanks Kristi!

  Victor & Holly Searcy

We switched from our initial listing agent to Kristi several months into trying to sell our house for an out of state job change. We were tired and frustrated with our agent's inability to attract prospective buyers. Kristi listened to us with amazing attention and care, and she knew exactly what to do to help make our home more marketable. She helped us sell our house during one of the worst downturns the Phoenix housing market has ever seen, and we are extremely thankful for her. She is excellent at what she does and we highly recommend her!

  Lance & Robyn Williams